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Project Timeline

01 Discover

Tell us about yourself.

As we explore your business from every angle we are homing in on that special something that is uniquely yours. Then we take that and polish it until it looks like a fairytale ruby in the eyes of your customers.

02 Plan

It's time to draw the blueprints. We'll agree on the desired outcome, decide on goals and metrics for the project, set deadlines and outline responsibilities.

Accountability is never overrated.

03 Design

The starting point of the design process is the logo. From there we push graphical elements on all materials in such a way that you get a pleasing sense of continuity.

In this stage we focus on maximizing exactly two attributes of each element: beauty and functionality.

04 Build

The website has to be fast, secure and above all it has to make sense at the first glance to your visitors. We write clean and well documented code even though the benefits of it are in the long term.

Little know fact: for software the cost of future development dwarfs the cost of acquisition if you get sloppy code.

05 Follow-up

Completing the project is a joyous occasion for our clients and for ourselves.

Past this point, going forward, we will always be one phone call away in case new projects come up and you'll already have the VIP status in our book.